ATTENTION: REVISED Development Talks! (Please repost on the Facebook page)

Dev talks Tuesday 4th Feb (room 3206)


Mr Roddis (Room 3206)           Mr diCarlo (Room 5317)


9.40 Linnea AJ                              Linnea S

10.05 Lovisa                                  Karola

10.30 Frida                                    Amanda

10.55 Vanessa                              Faith-Mary

11.20 Micaela                               Lisa

11.45 Barry                                    Miriam

13.00 Emma                                  Agnes

13.25                                               Santiago

13.50 Felicia                                  Sebastian

14.15 Simon                                  Rita

14.40 Lucy                                     Maria

15.05 Johanna                              Sofia

15.30 Alma                                    Ludvig



Dev talks Tuesday 11th Feb


Mr Roddis (Room3206)            Mr diCarlo (Room  5317)


14.00 Hampus                              Thea

14.25 Nathalia                              Carolina

14.50 Herman                              Frida

15.15 Ingmar                                Nico

15.40 Nikolina                              Ava



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