Case Studies

Case Study in Psychology

Psychology 1


Case studies are often how psychologists, often in teams, look at their clients and patients presenting issues.  These issues range from severe mental illness to milder conditions, but all bear close research and analysis in order to understand how to assist their patients.


                      How to build a case:


  1. choose a track to look at.

This can be any area, condition or mental illness, but MUST be approved by the instructor.


  1. research.





The text and one outside source. Correct APA citation is necessary.

  1. create a hypothetical case or use an historical example
  2. do analysis of the case based on at least two perspectives.
  3. Case review




Brief Presentation of the Case


Background (Paragraph  1)






                                            Salient features


                                            Theory/Perspective (Paragraph 2)




                                                                  Condition or disorder


                                            Prognosis/Diagnostic (Paragraph 3)


The case should be no less than 500 words and no more than 1000 words.


Report on Study or Experiment

For the final part of the course, we’ll be delving deeper into a themed area of psychology. You will need to propose a topic and then research the area of study and then conduct a short study or experiement in the area. The report for this should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Background

3. Hypothesis

4. Outline of the experiment or inquiry

5. Method(s)

6. Data/Results

7. Conclusion

8. References

The report should be no more than 1000 words. We’ll discuss the due date for first and final drafts in individual classes.